Integrate ClickBank with Platformly to Develop & Strengthen your Online Sales

Connect to ClickBank With Ease

Connecting your Platformly account to ClickBank has never been easier with our integration. Once connected, all your transactions are automatically imported in your CRM. Your ClickBank data is updated in real-time, which means that all the metrics and graphs generated by Platformly are always 100% up-to-date.

Key Metrics & Graphs Updated in Real-Time

Once Platformly is connected to ClickBank, you will be able to access a variety of important and useful data including your sales data, income breakdown, run rate, churn rate, average revenue per customer, monthly recurring revenue, forecasts and more. Your online business’ sales revenue will have absolutely no secret for you.

Access Vital Stats Anytime, Anywhere

As well as providing you with detailed sales reports, Platformly allows you to customize your sales dashboards, so you can easily access and see the metrics and data that matter the most to you. These vital stats will be front and center, providing you with an instant insight into what you need to focus on to accelerate your online sales!