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With Platformly The Future of Marketing Starts Now!

Metric-Based Marketing is the future. And, with the Platformly's Tracking System your future starts today. The famous quote, "you can't improve what you don't measure" is known by all, but there was never an easy way to measure everything accurately without needing a rocket scientist on staff to super-glue all the moving parts together...

Now with Platformly you can. Simply generate a link, connect your payment processor and you have to the cent accurate tracking allowing you to know the most vital metrics needed to move your business forward.

With the Platformly Tracking System you're able to see exactly how much money you make from every channel. The #1 reason businesses fail is they don't know the lifetime value of their customers or leads from the traffic sources they 'invest' in.

This could be email marketing, Google or Facebook ads, Joint Venture promotions, content marketing or any other form of business exposure.

In just a few clicks, know the value of any lead source, 30, 60, 90 days or any other defined period after they subscribe to any of your optin forms. In a quick overview, see which campaigns are profitable to focus on scaling, and which ones are losers that should be killed off.

Our system uses 'person-based' tracking which means you get 'lossless' tracking. A user can optin on their phone, but purchase on their computer and that event will be tied to the correct link, automagically.

And unlike other tracking platforms that charge a fortune, just for providing tracking insights on a fraction of the full picture, we don't charge you for the number of clicks tracked.