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Easily Manage Your Leads & Customers

Quickly identify key relationships, including your top spenders and your warmest prospects. Platformly has a powerful 'lead scoring' system built in which gives you and your sales team total flexibility to set up the scoring uniquely for your business. This is done with point and click ease and means you will never let 'likely to slip away' customers leave without reaching out to them in advance, or let your biggest ambassadors feel unloved.

Your powerful CRM built into the Platformly suite means you can nurture the relationships that add income to your business allowing you to follow up consistently and automatically as well as see the details of every lead that opts in to your business.

Use the powerful Rich Profiles Data to uncover important information about every single customer you have. Imagine every lead that comes into your business having their profile automatically update and build itself based on data scraped from dozens of third party sources such as Twitter, Facebook, Google, Foursquare and more. Learn about who your prospect is, just from their email address!

Firstly you can see how they've interacted with your business; their lifetime value, the last emails they sent and the individual products they've bought.

You're also able to access complete contact information, personal blogs and social media profiles. So you can really begin to understand what makes them tick. Get insight into your contacts like never before.

With the Platformly CRM, that is both simple to use and customizable means the only way you could know your customer any better is to be married to them.