SyncSpider Integration

SyncSpider is universal middleware that easily connected and synchronizes data from various apps, tools, cloud services, and platforms.

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Automatically import or export your Platformly contacts data. Create tasks and workflows to synchronize it with other apps, tools, cloud systems, or platforms.

Check out the list of supported apps where you can import/export data here:

Grow your business and ensure that it runs smoothly.

In the near future, we will be adding support to export/import Leads, tickets, tasks, and product data as well.

Here we are gonna show the simplest examples, sending your Platformly contacts to Google sheets. The same can be done in another direction (receive), or you can send/receive contact from any other app we support.

Go to and register for a free trial account. Then, once you are in your account, go to your company and click create a task.

How it Integrates

  • Add new integration, select Platformly from the list
  • Name your integration and click next
  • Write your Paltfromly account URL and API key you will generate within Platformly and click save
  • Select Contact as entity and click next
  • Choose your destination (where you want to send Contacts data). Select Google sheets, authorize your Google sheets with SyncSpider (just follow the instructions on the screen)
  • If you want, you can filter some specific Contacts, or simply click next
  • Configure a target destination, so choose where you want to store your Google Sheets file, and create columns in it.
  • On the left side you will see all attributes from Platformly entity 'Contact', on the right side you will see the files you created in previous step. Simply map them correctly and click next
  • Select your task to be runner on Schedule or on a event and click save.


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