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Slack is a channel-based messaging platform.

With Slack, people can work together more effectively, connect all their software tools and services (including Platformly), and find the information they need to do their best work — all within a secure, enterprise-grade environment.

This integration allows you to perform a number of actions in Platformly such as creating a new contact, creating a new deal or viewing sales data, directly from your Slack Channel via a command.

Examples of command:

Create a New Contact: /ply create
Create a New Deal: /ply create-deal OR 'deal title'
View Sales Data: /ply data-sales [period]

Several of these actions can also be performed using shortcuts located in the "More actions" menu next to each message in your Slack Channel.

You can also send periodic notifications to your Slack Channel and notify your team members on Slack when something happens using Platformly's Automations or Automation Rules.

Please note that you can connect multiple Slack Workspaces and Channels to Platformly.

To connect to Slack:

- Log into your Platformly account
- Click on your profile picture at the top right and on "Integrations"
- Click on the "Other" tab and on "Slack"
- Click on the "Connect Slack Account" button
- Follow Slack's on-screen instructions

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How it Integrates

  • Connect one or multiple Workspaces to your Platformly account
  • Create a Contact or a Deal directly from your Slack Channel
  • View a Contact or Deal directly from your Slack Channel
  • Fetch important Sales, Contact, Email, Tracking or Funnel Data instantly without leaving Slack
  • Send periodic notifications with reporting information to your Slack Channel
  • Notify your team on Slack when something happens using Automations or Automation Rules


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