Finally The Tool You Were Missing All These Years

Everything you need to convert your website visitors to customers

All Business Dashboards Right Where You Want

Decision Making without data is like flying a plane through fog with no clarity. For fast growing businesses, it could mean life or death.

Important decisions don’t wait. Growing teams need to have visibility into all their key metrics and act on the data when it is super-hot.

Platformly’s Intelligence Dashboard delivers you all the business critical data. Be it Sales Dashboard, Marketing Dashboard, Revenue Dashboard, or any other, all in real time.

Full Funnel Tracking

Tracking & Optimizing every piece of your marketing is key to success. With the Platformly Tracking System, you’re able to see exactly how much money you make from every channel.

From new email subscribers to new clicks on URLs, to who converted to customers, or churned. Every single data point at your fingertips, so you know where is the leak in the funnel.

One Place, Every Contact

The only way you could know your customer any better is to be married to them. And, Platformly empowers you to do this.

Use Rich Profile Data to uncover vital information about every single contact you have. Access complete contact info, personal blogs, and social media profiles so you can really begin to understand what makes them tick.

Not just this, Platformly’s powerful segmentation eliminates the need of maintaining spreadsheets for various lists.

You can even see how they’ve interacted with your business; the last email to them, the last conversation, and the individual products they’ve bought.

Send Beautiful Emails That Convert

From sequence emailers to broadcasts, create better campaigns that your users want to open. Whether that’s with your currents tools, or ours.

Above all, Unlike other platforms, Platformly’s analytics focuses on top line tracking instead of tracking just clicks – so you can immediately see how much money you made and what your marketing ROI is.

We know you’re in business to make profits, not just to drive opens and clicks.

Marketing Automation You Can Trust

With our quest system, you’re able to guide your customer along a journey that you want them to take.

For every click, every page, and every action you can create a tailored process that works for you. Whether that’s contacting them after an abandoned shopping cart, asking how you can help them, or upselling products after checkout.

Fully customizable and easy to create with a simple drag and drop builder, designed to grow companies just like yours.

Make money while you sleep :)

Convert Visitors Into Leads With Minimum Efforts

Create high converting, 100% mobile responsive landing pages and optin forms in minutes (not hours).

No designers. No programmers. Pick a template from the collection of our proven design templates, customize, and integrate them directly with your site.

Get the stats that matter and take action. A/B test them further to optimize for maximum conversions.

Less fuss, more leads. Exactly how it should be.

All Revenue Metrics And Reporting In One Place

Time to get over ugly spreadsheets. Get ready to act on monthly and annual subscription breakdowns.

See MRR, LTV, Refunds, Monthly Revenue Comparison, Upgrades, Downgrades, Churn Metrics and much more across each offering. Slice and dice metrics over time for deeper analysis.

Uncover the value in your data. Make decisions that drive business growth.

Integrate Effortlessly With Your Existing Apps

Already using multiple business apps to run your business? Not sure how will Platformly talk to your existing business app.

With 100s of tasks already on your plate to run your business, the last thing you want is - add a new solution that doesn’t integrate with your existing apps and increases your manual work.

Don’t worry! We got you covered.

Platformly integrates seamlessly and works amazingly with a full range of leading business apps. Sync your business critical data with minimal hassles.