List of Sub Processors

[Last Updated: May 10, 2021]

The following is a list of Sub Processors. Note that not all Sub Processors are automatically used as this will also depend on what section of the Website you visit, for example Chat, members only section or the payment processor you choose.

• DigitalOcean LLC (US)

• Facebook, Inc (US)

• Google LLC (US)

• Google Ireland Limited (Ireland)

• Groove Networks LLC (US)

• Vimeo LLC (US)

• Fonticons, Inc

• Joincube, Inc (US)

• Userpilot, Inc (US)

• Sonalight, Inc (US)

• Market Limited (UK)

• Crisp IM SARL (France)

• Twitter, Inc (US)

• LinkedIn Corporation (US)

• New Relic Inc (US)

• Uploadcare, Inc - US (Florida)

• IDB, LLC - US (Seattle)