Finally: All-in-One Platform. Transforms the way you run your business online

Big Business Dashboards, CRM, Tracking, Marketing Automation & Reporting.... Small Business Price Tag!

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Why Platformly?

At last, a tool for any business owner who has ever said, “I wish I had more time to do what I love”.

Platformly makes growing your online business more simple and easy than ever before.

If you’re tired of wasting money on lots of different products. If you’re tired of wasting time flipping browser between tabs and trying to keep track of all of your important metrics. Well, Platformly is for you.

By providing the data that matters, about the customers you need, from the funnels you’ve built, you can grow your business without the guesswork. All while giving you the tools to automate your marketing down to the tiniest click.

Giving you more time (and money) to do the work that you love.

Your Personal Dashboard

Your important metrics right where you need them. From your customer’s lifetime value, down to your last email subscriber. Monitor the health of your business all in one place.

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Track Sales Like Never Before

Follow your customer through every stage of your funnel and turn abandoned carts into happy customers. Never lose customers again.

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Meet Your Customers

Automatic customer information so up to date you can see the last time they tweeted.
Keep a pulse on your most valuable customers.

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Send Emails They Want To Open

Create clear campaigns that convert. Whether that’s with your currents tools, or ours. Send beautiful emails and make data-backed marketing decisions using our email builder and reports.

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Make Money While You Sleep

Email marketing automation that helps you deliver the right messages at the right time. Automate every aspect of your marketing down to the tiniest click.

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Capture More Leads In Less Time

Intuitive designs to help you capture more customers more often. Convert visitors, to leads, to customers, to brand advocates.

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What If I Don’t Have A Business Yet?

Platformly isn’t just for the well established business owners. It’s for the I-have-a-dreamers; the bloggers, the podcasters; the YouTubers; the authors and the hustlers.

A Platformly membership makes it easy to start a new business that is focused on growth and creating strong, lasting, customer relationships.

Once you’re a member you’ll be able to build your new business around solid pillars of email marketing, customer tracking, automation and lead capture. So you can be years ahead of any other business that is just starting online.

Letting you can turn that good idea into a real business.

Get The Tool Your Competitors Don’t Want You To Know About

Platformly is a business management tool made for busy business owners who are focused on growth.

With Platformly you’ll have access to more data; send better emails; convert more customers and have more control over your business.

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